Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loving South Africa Teaser

I'm going to South Africa!

I couldn't come up with a better opening sentence than that. I have been given the incredible opportunity to go to South Africa on a missions trip. I'll be going with a team and we'll be hosting a Vacation Bible School for some very deserving kids. This is a dream come true!

The trip is right around the corner. We leave September 22 and come back August 4. The trip is $2500. Yikes! Since I have such a limited amount of time to raise funds, I have created project Loving South Africa.

Cute, huh? I want you all to share in the experience with me, because honestly, not many of us get a change to do this. This is just a little teaser, so as soon as I have all the details set, I'll explain the project in full. In the meantime, have you ever done a good fundraising activity? Share! ;-)

CORRECTION: we come back October 4. haha. Thanks Kristel ;-)


  1. you come back August 4th?? how long is this trip.

    ps.im so glad you get to go. God is good.

  2. we leave Sept 22. So two weeks. :-)

  3. You leave Sept. 22 and come back Aug. 4th???
    I'm so excited for you, friend! Cute little illustration you have there.

  4. merari! yay! i love it.
    by the way, i'm pretty sure you don't mean to say that you'll be gone for 11 months, love...