Monday, July 20, 2009

Earth Angels.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of volunteering with Earth Angels. Earth Angels is the brainchild of Jorge Wood. He rounds up families that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House and takes them out for a day every month on various field trips.

Earth Angels is a magnificent program. I had the chance to speak to different parents who told me that Jorge and his team of volunteers make a huge difference in their lives.

Every day is a battle for most of these families. One, two, sometimes even three members of a given family suffer from grave illnesses that require long-term medical treatment. Some even travel from different countries seeking better health care.

What Jorge brings to these families is an escape. He offers these families a chance to enjoy a day out as a family, a day to forget their worries. This month, they went to the Seaquarium.


  1. Girl, you got some really great pictures!
    Proud of you, friend.

  2. i can see you improving every shoot. Great Job!-Lau

  3. The more and more I see your photography, the more amazed I am at your skill. Thanks for the post!

  4. I want to be in that tank with that beautiful whale!!!

    I'm sure you can guess who this is :)