Monday, June 8, 2009

3 year-old model.

I've known this David since he was in the womb. He's Tank, Monkey and "David!!!" as his mom constantly calls him (or better said, yells as she runs after him). He loves cars and I have a feeling he's a bit OCD because he arranges said cars in perfectly neat lines and take 3, exactly 3, cars on every trip. We spent Sunday morning together and I was able to snap some moments. In the future, I hope to catch more of his amazing facial expressions, but for now I am satisfied with the few silly moments I was able to get.

He enjoys showing off the "guns". 

They grow up so fast.


  1. he is wayyyy too cute! :) you took some awesome shots merari! way to capture the moment. :D

  2. I love him...and Lord knows I miss him! Thanks for posting pictures so I can keep up with his growth. ;-)