Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Persuasion

Friend: So have you ever thought of moving?
Me: Definitely. I'd love to go to New York. All the jobs I'd love to do are there and so is NYU, not to mention I have friends there already. 
Friend: Cool. So why don't you?
Me: ... I dunno. 
Friend: Go.
Me: Okay. 

We will see. Moving is not an arbitrary decision but one based on a wise, thought-out plan that incorporates one's responsibilities, abilities and realistic expectations.  

Then again, maybe I should just go!  ;-)


  1. Sometimes just going is the best thing to do. We have always talked about going somewhere other than Miami but guess what we are still here and still talking. We don't know what we have missed by not taking a chance... Just something to munch on. Good Luck

  2. GO! i support you.

  3. GO!!!!!!!!! lol.
    I'll visit you. :-)