Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prom and circumstance

My 'little' sister attended her High School Prom this last Saturday. Needless to say, she looked like a beautiful grown young woman, and I felt old. Wasn't just a week ago that we were playing dress up and dancing around our living room to the sounds of Fantasia? Well, maybe it was a week ago... dancing around is surprisingly fun. 

Anyway, as I felt like a middle-aged mother of three (not that there's anything wrong with that... right, mom?), my sister glowed. I had to grab the opportunity to photograph her. Its so amazing to observe a life go through all its milestones: birth, first steps, first words, first day of school, first tooth lost, first heartbreak, first moment of complete bliss. The sudden jump from childhood to adulthood. Perhaps younger siblings are God's preview to one's children, but without the birth pains, headaches and sleepless nights. 

Her boyfriend, Steven, rocked that corduroy suit! He got "best dressed" at Prom, ;-)


  1. i adore the very last photo!
    it's timeless!

    great job friend!

  2. She looks awesome! Apply bat to the date's forehead! (j/k)

  3. i agree. i love the last photo as well!
    you're fantastic :)

  4. haha, love the suit.
    and your sister certainly looks gorgeous.

  5. love it! your sister looks beautiful. :)

  6. she's all grown up. i can't imagine what that's like for you... your little sister. prom. weird.
    i really like his hair, too :)