Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lauren's Bridal Shower

These pictures have been a long time coming, but due to finals and other recent obligations I've been unable to post them. Now that I'm on 'vacation' I have a bit more time to edit photos ( they're getting a bit backed up ) which means more blogging! yay.

My dear friend, Lauren is getting married in 3 weeks. How time flies! She and her soon-to-be husband, Rey, were some of my first models ;-)

These are the long awaited bridal shower pictures. It was held at Puccini & Pasta. Wonderful food, wonderful people, crappy lighting. Obviously the place was not made with a photographer in mind, but regardless, I was able to manipulate some light around to get some decent shots. Enjoy!


  1. i LOVe the one of amanda! beautiful!

    great job, as always :)

  2. are finishing them. I can't wait to you mail them to me. :)

  3. love them! awesome job!
    P.S. have to agree with alex... the one of amanda is incredible.
    absolutely love the one of lauren with eli and zena

  4. I loove! I want them!!! =) Yay for Lauren, the wedding is almost here!