Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hi! My name is Merari. I just love to:

Capture random moments on film
Discover an awesome band/singer
Watch a netflix movie with a friend
Engage in comedic commentary about anything
Discuss world events
Bake perfect cakes
Have one-on-one conversations about anything
Paint in a park
Read a page-turner
Go on the swings at playgrounds
Lay on the grass while listening to my Ipod
Serve my community with my amazing Church
Receive Bear hugs :)

What I love the most is simply capturing people's inner and outer beauty through photography; To be able to witness and capture a couple's adoration and passion for one another, to catch a toddler's goofiest smile and to make women (and men, of course) feel like supermodels!  

I'd love to photograph you!



  1. what a beautiful picture =)

    i absolutely LOVE what you've done with the site/blog. :D

  2. AWWW...I love what you have done :)

  3. you are super duper cool! love your site and love the fact that my face makes your site hotter hehe =)

    -Jenelle Banaszak =)

  4. We are so happy to be the first pic in your Wedding pics Section! You rock!

    Now, for awesome pics of Vika...

    -Beth n Casper