Sunday, February 15, 2009

dos dos.

What a weird number. One more digit closer to 30. 30 is the new 20, right? I realize the cake above only has one 2. My dad figured there was no need to be redundant (but I just think he was just being cheap). 

Here are some pictures, as promised, of my birthday weekend. They were taken with my Sony Cybershot. I've been experimenting with it to get more "juice" out of it. Good pictures don't have to come from fancy SLRs. Not that I'm saying these are good. Whatever. Just look :-)

My sister and I headed to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival today. I find pleasure in surrounding myself with all forms of art and people passionate for them. It inspires me. 

[She inspires me] 
My sister had a couple paintings for sale. Hopefully someone likes monsters enough to buy a painting of one. We found an artist that made a huge camera. It was beautiful. 

We noticed a huge group of people standing around. Being the curious (nosy) person I am, I walked over to see what the commotion was all about:

Apparently people greatly enjoy staring at big butts. And with that gigantic butt, I ended my birthday celebration. Thank you dearly to everybody that remembered! and if you didn't... you've been blacklisted till next year when you can redeem yourself ;-)

Here's to 22 being better than 21.


  1. love the pictures, and you look beautiful in the violet dress. (piiiimp). glad you enjoyed the weekend! you deserve it.

  2. that purple dress is my favorite of yours. ever. you look hott (with two t's).

  3. just want to add that I do believe your dad was being cheap. and i approve. haha