Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I used to blog. I still blog, but I used to blog, too.

I've failed to blog regularly again, so my apologies.

Franck, my lovely car, is home again. Being without him made me realize how much it sucks not to have a car in Miami. It is not known for great public transportation. I'm a pretty independent person so having to wait for rides and work around other's schedules wasn't my idea of fun.

I began classes last week and i'm excited about them. It's going to be a rough semester with plenty of reading, writing and learning (seriously, who does that in college???). I bought all my books online. 11 books for 3 classes.... sheesh. I was able to buy all used, though, so I saved a pretty penny.

I've been thinking about my post-grad life since its becoming more of a reality. I'm almost done with my Journeyman application. I've been thinking about where i'd like to serve. After speaking to a friend about it, I realized that though Africa or the Middle East would be quite an adventure, it wouldn't really be wise to go somewhere were most of my time there would be taken up by learning to communicate, through a new language and completely different cultural norms. So I'm still trying to decide where i'd like to go. Perhaps Central or South America, West Europe or maybe even South Africa.

I've been contemplating my spiritual life's status. After some thought I realized that I really have to dig deeper into my faith, mostly by becoming better educated about The Word. I'll be the first to admit that I do not have a deep understanding about the Bible. I'm searching for a good bible study (if anyone knows of one). I'm also taking up to memorizing Bible verses. Sure, some argue that memorizing is superficial since you don't acquire understanding by memorization, but I think its important to know at least some important verses by heart.

If I want to go abroad and share my faith with others, it is quite important to be well educated in all matters of my faith, don't you agree?

Also, I really want this. My birthday is coming. ::wink:: I'm just putting it out there.

Anyway, that's where I am in life at the moment. Thanks for reading ;-)

ps. Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright are comedic geniouses.


  1. Wow...white balance lens cap...sweet!

    If you do get to do Journeyman it should be fun! I don't know too much about it, but it seems like a great opportunity to get out there and share the gospel.

    And it's true that scripture memorization is very helpful! You don't always have a Bible at hand, and having key verses memorized can really help you out when witnessing or when being faced with some kind of temptation or difficulty.

    :-) Go for it, girl! ;-) I wish we could go sit in Starbuck's and talk about life. I miss you.

  2. I like the subtle drug reference in your title, friend. Ugh. Why did Hedberg have to die? SO funny...

    You should go to Europe. Like me :)

  3. I've like the beth moore studies thus far...just a thought.

  4. =) it's going to be a good year my friend. Study hard and dig deep. Verse memorization is only superficial if you let it be!

  5. Whoever said that memorizing bible verses is superficial could never be more wrong! It is important to memorize them - bible says in Hosea to "write it on the tablet of your hearts". When you have bible verses in your heart/mind, the Holy Spirit will quicken them whenever you need one in times of trouble/difficulty, or as Kristel says, when you're witnessing. Even if you have a bible at hand, but if you don't know where to go, which verses to share, what use would a bible be? Memorizing the verses is part of meditating on the WORD.
    Anyways, the ladies in our church are starting a Bible study by Beth Moore sometime last week of this month. YOu are welcome to join. Drop me a message on Facebook if you're intersted.