Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas vacation 2008

Thanks to a friend's facebook reminder, I decided to find some time to blog about what has happened since, Monday, December 22, 2008. Plenty has occurred so I will attempt to summarize.

December 24:
Christmas Eve with the family. My siblings and I watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. It's tradition. My hand was still in pain. I hurt a nerve that goes from the wrist to the thumb. Apparently nerves are very sensitive.
December 25:
Flew to New York with Sandra. Discovered that it's not fun carrying luggage around with a busted hand. The medications I received gave me nausea and lets just say the flight was a bit... uncomfortable. We took a cab to Rosie's place where i met the chubbiest baby I've encountered (he's quite the charmer, isn't he?)

December 26-29:
I partied, slept, had amazing New York Pizza, went to the 'Top of The Rock' (great!), Times Square, slept again. The busted hand began to feel better, yet the medication still caused occasional nauseating feeling.

We attempted to visit the Statue of Liberty... twice. Four hour lines are not worth it. This is as close as we got:
We also got portraits drawn at Battery Park... they look nothing like us. Worst $10 I've ever spent.
December 30-31:
Sandra and I took a bus from Chinatown to Boston ($30 round-trip!) to visit Sandra's friend at Harvard, who took us on a full tour of the campus. It Makes FIU look like a toilet. A dirty one. (check out the library's ceiling!)

We got caught in a snow storm on our way back to New York. It's not as cute as it looks in movies. The buses were packed. I picked a seat in the front so as to steer clear of the crying children. This turned out to be a regrettable mistake. I had to run over legs, shoes, luggage and children to reach the bathroom in time to throw up. Five different times. I vowed to stop taking medication and to always sit close to the bathroom.
By our return, we were exhausted, cold and I was still feeling sick. We opted to stay in and relax with Rosie's family for New Year's.

January 1, 2009:
We visited Beth, Casper and Vika. Beth made the best spaghetti's and we all chipped in to make the ugliest most delicious Chocolate Cherry Oreo Sprinkle and Chocolate Chip cake.

she was camera-shy.

January 2:
Sandra and I spent the day shopping and getting ready for one last night out. We went to a lounge and hung out. 'twas sweet.

January 3:
We stayed up all night talking and laughing. We went straight to the airport and I arrived home just in time to 'nap' until Sunday.

January 4:
I shot some pictures for my co-worker and her fiance. (check them out). I had just gotten on I95 when Franck, my car, started shaking as if a wheel had popped or exploded, yet the wheels were intact. I was scared. I called AAA to rescue me.

January 5:
My dad and I took Franck to a Firestone. The Mechanic informed us that the metal part that binds the back wheels together broke. It felt like I was losing control of the car because the back wheels were spinning out of my control. A tad dangerous, no? Thankfully, after a $480 stab to my heart, Franck will be healed and returned to me on Friday. Till then, I am without a car. It stinks.

This week I returned to the typical grind. Classes started and after switching and swapping, I think I am content with my schedule. Work has been extremely busy but I'm sure it will wind down by next week. My hand is no longer in pain, praise the Lord. Hopefully the pain will not return.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas vacation. I'll try to update more frequently :-)


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  2. awesome! sorry about what happened on the bus. =/ lol. I totally understand. glad you had a great trip though! Thanks for the update!

  3. top of the rock is glorious! im glad you had a good time (except for the pain part).

  4. um i dont see the statue. is it that small stick on the right? dumb statue...

    thanks for writing! :-)

  5. yay for NY. merari rocks.