Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Thanksgiving is coming. I'm excited. This week is going to be awesome.

On Thanksgiving day I always spend the whole day cooking delicious things (hopefully) with my sister. I'm not sure what will be on the menu this year, but most likely we'll make the usual baked Ham (we're not turkey people), mashed potatoes (made from scratch of course), corn on the cob, salad and being the good Latin Americans that we are, gallo pinto.

My mom and grandma will start putting up the Christmas decorations while singing to Christmas music and my dad and brother will probably wash the cars and then watch some History Channel or perhaps, if they wants to stir things up, a movie.

We're predictable people.

Friday is the shopping day of the year, Black Friday. Unfortunately I am broke. I have a feeling the malls won't be very packed this year. The good news is one of my favorite online stores is having a 25% off sale. Just to let you know, I love EVERYTHING there. I am a size medium in clothing and a size 51/2 in shoes (wink).

that same day a friend is getting married! I'm way excited. She's going to make a beautiful bride, not to mention that she asked me to take some photos (expect to see them soon) :-)

Saturday morning, my family decided to have a family outing out to Disney! I love that place. We're heading of to Disney's Hollywood Studios formerly known as Disney's MGM studios. I've never been to that park and I've heard its 'aight' but I guess what matters is that I'll be spending time with my family (awww). Hopefully my back will be healed by then. For some reason I've had lower back pain since Saturday. I hate taking medication so I haven't taken anything, but I have been stretching and making my sister massage me. Maybe roller coasters will heal me? ::shrug::

I'll be back on Sunday for some bonding time with some cool people.

So that's my itinerary for the next couple days. Hope you all have a marvelous thanksgiving. Don't forget to to thank God for his many blessings <3


  1. Yay! This is the first year that I'm going to be cooking anything! So I'm nervous/excited. Send me your positive/good cooking energy. ;-)
    And I totally wish we were having some gallo pinto! lol. Make a little extra for me. ;-)

    I hate taking medication also but when I used to have back pain I would go to the chiropractor. It was the best! My mom says they're fake doctors, lol, but I don't care. They have magic fingers. ;-)

    Feel better!

  2. cute stuff on the site! i might just look for some gifts ;)

  3. P.S. I showed Alex the website and he said to make a wish list in case his mom or someone asks what I want for Christmas...yay! lol.
    thanks for sharing. ;-)