Sunday, November 16, 2008

The end is drawing near.

Today I picked the last five classes I'll be taking next semester to complete my Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a certification in Middle East Studies (mouthful, huh?). My schedule is as follows:

1) International Relations of Europe, in which we will be studying Europe and its international relations ( just to clarify any doubts).
2) Theories of International Relations which deals with different political theorists/theories such as Aristotle, Machiavelli, Locke, Marx, etc (sounds fun, right?)
3) Muslim ideas of War that will dig deep into ideas such as Jihad and national security.
4) Independent Study in IR will give me credits I need without having to go to a class, per se. It's more of a one-on-one 'discussion' in which my professor gives me tons of books to read and then write about. A bit intimidating, but we'll see.
5)Contemporary European History. I figured it would go nicely with number 1.

I don't want to start off with a pessimistic outlook, but I have a feeling I won't be able to handle this huge workload, considering that I still have to work a lot to pay for these classes. In any case, I can always drop one (or two) and take them in the summer. I would still be able to walk in the graduation ceremony in April. yay!

I already started worrying about the future (I'm a worrier if you haven't noticed). I know that as soon as the excitement of leaving FIU leaves I'll be struck by the thought of "so now what?". I have a couple of plans to pick from:

1) Go with Journeymen to serve with missionaries somewhere
2) Join the Peace Corps.
3) Head straight to grad school (something I've always been determined to do, though I don't know what I would study or where I would go yet).
4) Teach. Most probably history or another social science in a high school.
5) Get hitched, become a housewife, have a mini-van worth of kids and accept a complacent life of a suburbanite.
6) Move to New York, get a job at the UN and then go abroad and have them pay for my master's.
7) Move to New York, get a job on SNL, then move on to have my own political/religious satirical talk show a la Daily Show on Comedy Central or Fox news (nothing funnier than that).

Sure the last two sound a bit exaggerated, even for me, but don't put God in a box, heh! ;-)

Any other suggestions for post-grad things to do? I'm open to ideas.


  1. option 1 sounds really cool... it would be a great way for you to experience these cultures you're learning about while bringing the gospel.

    also, i think you would be an awesome teacher, just because if one of those kids start to act up, you will have, hands down, THE best comebacks. that will be glorious.


  2. 1) while 15 credits is a lot, if you are NOT like me, you should be fine

    i have found that anything more than 12 is too much for me to handle

    but i'm sure you'll be fine

    2) who is ur professor for the history class?

    3) as far as what to after you graduate, i have learned that no matter how hard you plan, it's God's plan that overpowers the others

    pray about it, and i'll be praying for you :)

  3. YAY THE ENDDD! im jealous.
    so here's what i think.
    1) your classes are amazing and i cant wait till i get to go to fiu to take them!
    2) im sad your ending before i get there :/
    3) I really like number 5 of your post graduate options... u know me ;) lol
    4) but i guess if thats not up your alley... totally number 6! And ill go visit you whereever you go!!! lol

    and finally...
    my suggestion:
    pray :)
    i luv u! and i know God's gonna use you!!