Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm sitting on the uncomfortable guest chair/bed provided by the merciful health care system unable to sleep due to the constant interruption from doctors, nurses, crying babies and the sound of my sister's IV machine. I'm just sitting here, waiting.

For those of you that don't know, my sister was hospitalized this week. She's doing better, thank the Lord. The MRI came back normal except for some inflamation in her colon. She stopped bleeding and throwing up. Tomorrow the nurses will do some blood work. Hopefully she'll be discharged tomorrow. Right now all we can do it wait.

I just hate waiting. Waiting for results. Waiting for answers. Waiting for direction.

The only thing to do in times of waiting is praying.

Please pray for my sister with me.


  1. I'm glad she's doing better, and I'm definitely praying for her (and all of you) <3

  2. i second that notion ^

    i <3 you guys. been praying for you all. she's a trooper.

  3. ::hug::

    love you and praying for you & your family :)