Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brigitte's Bridal Shower

My friend Brigitte is getting married soon. Yay!  She had her bridal shower last weekend, were all the ladies dressed themselves up with their favorite outfits. I saw everything from pj's to sexy leather ;-)
I know some people have been anxiously waiting for these pictures. I hope they don't dissapoint. 
The bride to be :-)
her maid of honor. 
The mother of the bride (lookin' good, Mrs. DeArmas!)

       "What traffic sign should Thomas (the groom) follow when you're in a bad mood?"
The Mother of the groom. 
Everyone's favorite bridal shower games. 

Those brides on a budget should consider toilet paper dresses. Use it for the wedding, and save it to use in the new shared bathroom. 

The cake's pink frosting stained a little. 

Brigitte was a little excited about her gifts. 
Congrats, Brigitte!

By the way, in totally unrelated news, my sister is back home and doing quite well. Thank you all for the prayers :-)
and for those of you wondering what I wore... 

Bam! Prom dress and chucks. If Lily Allen can pull it off, so can I. ;-)


  1. YAY! you made my day.
    i loved them!!!!!!
    i love you!

  2. p.s.
    you totally rocked the prom dress and chucks. it was glorious!

    and also,
    so glad your sister is doing well! =)


    And as to that last picture, Ma'am you are one sexy mama..

    MUAHS, Love you!

  4. I'm impressed more and more each day. Awesome first pic.

  5. your photos came out fantastic! and i agree, that picture of brigitte is great!!! :D 'twas a blast. and you, you were stunnin'. ;)