Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For the upcoming Zeal, our theme is all about passion. Passion in Christ, to be exact.
We want to incorporate some cool artsy things into the service and something Steph and I came up with was to photograph and paint hands being passionate in worship.

Hands are always active when one worships. Whether its in prayer or in singing praises, our hands are in motion. They are a worship tool people use when they are passionate in their worship.

So here are some photos I've taken (I focused on prayer). I can't decided which one I like best to blow up and frame for the service, so please let me know which one you like.

You vote counts (in this election, anyway). Thanks!





Come by this Sunday and check out the winning shot :-)
ps. If you vote, please include your name, especially if you include opinions/ideas... I don't like anonymous :-)


  1. I'm a fan of #2!
    I love the B&W and I'm a fan of "vertical" shots. I think the lighting is perfect and the shadows are just right.

    I like the whole idea about hands. It's true that we worship with our hands...and not just by raising them up when we are singing along with the worship leader. Prayer [as you have displayed] is worship. Feeding the homeless in the name of Jesus is worship. Shaking hands or hugging someone in the name of Jesus is worship. Perhaps you can incorporate these ideas into your project.

    Just a thought.

    Anyway.....Vote For #2!!!! :-)

  2. you know what might be interesting...getting hands from people of other religions raising their hands.

    it might convey the idea that God is to be worshipped by all his creation and that it is our responsibility to go and bring the news of this God to these people.

    perhaps images of dirty hands, or bruised hands

    just a thought.

  3. hey rari! #2 gets my vote!! :)


  4. bahumbug. everyone else has already voted for 2. makes me wanna say 3. but i'll stick by it. i like 2 the most.
    you did such an awesome job conceptualizing and explaining that. preach it, girl!

  5. I really like the second one. The composition is much more organized in comparison to the others. The concept is expressed well too.

    As for this p dave guy, why bruised hands? Why dirty hands? Is he implying that other religions are dirty?

    Me, I have nothing against Christianity. In fact, I respect everyone's beliefs as long as they dont harm others. But hinting this image is hinting that all other religions are DIRTY and FILTHY and the only clean one is theirs.

    A true Christian should be moral and have their beliefs but they should learn to respect the idea that not everyone is filthy because their religions and/or ideas don't fit with theirs.

    Instead, you should use a concept that shows different cultures as opposed to religions because religion is a touchy subject.

  6. well didnt paula come up with the painting of the hands?! lol either way i think #2 was the best =)) good thing we have you to be creative!!!

  7. (in reply to janell) we're talking about a painting of hands, using the oil painting..i think thats what merawr means. We're going to present some art. :)
    I'm glad we all agree on the hands being a suitable representation of a passion for christ.

  8. number 2 gets mine as well!!!
    i love p dave's idea! :)

  9. lol..."anonymous" got a bit touchy...I REALLY don't think that's what P.Dave was saying.

    Anyway....yay for #2! :-)

    looove you!