Monday, August 25, 2008

NC, part 2. t

Friday morning, Sandra and I headed to Winston Salem. We picked up an old friend of mine, Christian. He's awesome. We went to Old Salem and experienced life in the 1700s. Brick oven bread, pilgrim women and well water that tastes like poop. Good things. 

After Old Salem we went back to Durham to meet up with the rest of the gang. We headed towards Chapel Hill and ran into a poster sale (Yannick almost got shot by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. It was scary). Then we had dinner at Top of the Hill restaurant. 

Saturday morning, Anne took us to a tea shop. I love tea so I was really excited. Yannick was a little out of place. 

After we went to a garage sale. Yannick broke a car. Sandra and I saw this awesome couch. It was broken, though. The garage sale lady was selling underwear. Secondhand underwear. As in used underwear. That's all i'm gonna say about that.

Then we headed back to Kristel and Alex's place to play some guitar and enjoy a competitive game of spit. Anne Marie picked us up after a bit and drove us to the airport (thanks! you're the best). The flight was decent. We had a stop in Atlanta. I decided I don't like it. People smoke inside. Yuck. Our flight back to Ft. Lauderdale was decent too. We got back home around 12:30 am. 

I'm back in the MIA. yay... not. I had a very interesting day at school, but that will be blogged about later. Thanks again to my friends for putting us up (and putting up with us)! 


  1. Alex and I saw that chair today when we were driving around!
    I really wanted to take it and fix it up. But let's face it, I'm just not that handy. ;-)

    I edited one of the pictures you took of me. It's my default on facebook. Sheck it, my fren'.

  2. aw, yay looks like you guys had a great time :)
    i think my favorite picture is the one of yannick with that shirt he always wears at the tea place. sweett.

  3. I'm still not over the whole 7 1/2 thing.
    Awesome pictures!

  4. man i hate i missed your being here... you were like 500 feet from me while you were in salem (actually i can't remember if i was there or not...) but i still hate it!! this is brad by the way...