Thursday, August 21, 2008

NC, part 1,

Its been a great couple of days. I love vacations. 
So Monday, Yannick, Sandra and I left to the airport around 11:00 am. Big shout out to Lauren for taking us to the airport in hurricane weather!

(It was raining really hard in Orlando too. )
So anyway, we arrived safe and sound. Anne Marie picked us up and we went to Alex and Kristel's new pad to have some dinner.

Anne rocked it with some pasta. Then we went to Super Target (they are amazing!) to get some stuff we forgot to pack. We were beat so we went back to sleep. 

Tuesday, it was Anne Marie's birthday! Both her and Kristel had class in the morning, so we joined them for Chapel and Sandra and I explored the campus in the meantime. I've been a little obsessed with sun flare in my pictures so the whole time I kept looking for "flare opportunities" if you will. I found a great one by some pretty flowers!

We met a really interesting guy who wanted to play with my camera (yeah, right). He also said a cheesy joke comparing Seminary to a Cemetery. Hilarious. We were waiting for a van to pick us up. Anne rented one for our trip to Charlotte (trip to be mentioned in a couple paragraphs).

After the nice rental car man came, Sandra, Anne and I went to lunch at Red Robbin. Nice place. Good burgers. They gave Anne a birthday ice cream and ballons :-)

One of the reasons we flew to NC was to see a concert. You have no idea how much I had been looking forward to this. 

We (and by we, I mean Anne Marie) had to drive 3 hours. It was worth it. 
Sandra and I got pretty decent seats while the rest of the gang was up in the lawn (hehe). I was brave enough to take my Nikon to the show. I took "Super lens" and divided up the camera parts among the group so as not to seem suspicious. It worked :-)

Paramore was the first to go up. They were awesome. Full of energy. Their hard core fans were more entertaining though. Notice the guy in the red shirt and the vest in the following picture. We named him "the worshiper". He was jumping, head-banging and rocking his hands back and forth. 

After a good 30 minute "intermission" of heat and thirst and a random selection of radio music, John Mayer finally came out. He rocked. He sang his butt off some good ol' blues. He took off his shirt.  I love him. That's all I have to say. 

After the concert, we went to Sonic to grab a bite to eat. Bad idea. We waited 30 minutes to get our food. They messed up orders. They didn't want to give us a refund. It was bad. We hate Sonic. 
The next day we went to check out a little cafe that Kristel likes... "The Well". They have good chocolate milk. 
Then Kristel, Sandra and I went around shooting. Pictures. Not animals. We went to this creepy abandoned house. It had old beer bottles and we found a doll's head. Creeeeepy! Anyway, We drove around and found a tiny tractor and went to the ghetto to shoot in railroad tracks. Some random guy asked me to take his picture. He asked me to email it to him but I didn't get his email, so I'm posting it on the internet. Who knows? Maybe one day he'll run into it.... 

Today we went to a farmer's market. They had fresh veggies, milkshakes,  flowers and rabbit. Yeah, Rabbit. 

That's pretty much the trip so far in a nutshell... There are a LOT more pictures, but I don't have the patience to post them all. Plus, I don't have my handy photoshop around to fix them up, so this is what you get. Anyway, I'll blog more later. I'm off to eat some good homemade dinner ;-)


  1. awesome!
    sounds like a great trip!
    enjoy the rest!!!! =)

  2. sOME GREAT SHOTS...miss you guys hurry home!

  3. merari, you crack me up so much. i can hearing you talking as i read your point of view of the trip lol. by the way, please don't tell me they gave anne marie ALL those balloons. you specifically put an "s" there so either that's hilarious or you're grammatically incorrect. take your pick ;)

  4. your an amazing photographer.

    john mayer is a sexy beast.

    i cant wait till he comes here.

    when do you come back?

    that is all! LOVE YOU :)

  5. your photos, once more, are amazing :)

    im glad you guys are having a great time!!!
    and your pics from the concert just made me sooo excited for sunday when he's coming down here!!! yayyy!!!
    love you!