Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm in an NC state of mind.

I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow. 

Thanks to Fay and the good people over at SouthWest Airlines, I was able to advance my friends and I's Tuesday morning flight a day early. Extra day of vacation. No extra charge. Yay!

I've been really looking forward to this. I get to see some awesome friends as well as Paramore AND John Mayer! (yes, this is me rubbing it in your face). 

I hope to share with you soon some cool pictures of this land less traveled. I heard there's deer there. And Mountains. And good hair weather. 

Maybe I'll be brave enough to sneak my camera into the concert. We'll see!

Please pray for our safe travels! 


  1. i want to see pics of mayer! i miss you guys.

  2. yay! have fun!
    i'll see you when you get back!!! :)

  3. john mayer? sweet... i'm seeing him on the 31st :)