Monday, July 14, 2008

Lauren's Birthday Weekend

My dear hater friend, Lauren, had a birthday celebration this past weekend. Her boyfriend and a group of friends surprised her with a trip to Orlando for some Cirque Du Soleil and SeaWorld's water park, Aquatica. The best moments in chronological order:

Free Slurpees at 7-11.
Free Chick-Fil A in Doral.
Seeing friends dressed as cows to get free Chick Fil-A.
Checking in at a pimp hotel room that had a flat screen TV (thanks, Anne!)
Making awesome Asian food at a Mongolian Grill.
Bonding with Dave while meeting some funny characters at a club.
Aquatica being at full capacity (what theme park is ever at full capacity???)
Anne telling a Russian man that was hoovering over me to "give us just a little bit of space" LOL.

Blizzard Beach's lazy river (not crazy river).
Eating my Jell-O with vanilla ice cream at the Golden Corral and making Dave sick with it (its good, I promise!) :-)
Knocking out in the car with Yannick on the drive back.
Taking my dad to the airport and realizing that my bro and I can party for the next two weeks!

Worst moment of the weekend?
Burning my hand making Jell-O last night. The boiling water spilled all over my left hand (I'm a lefty, FYI). After crying and running water under my hand for 10 minutes, I called Lauren and her and Rey were awesome enough to take me to the Urgent Care Center where my old homies (I used to work there) took great care of my second degree burns. Right now I'm at work sucking up the pain and typing with my pinkie finger.

Yes, Jell-O is evil. But it's tasty, tasty evil... especially when paired up with ice cream :-)


  1. Thank you again for making it a great weekend...that list was stated perfectly...but you forgot one..."is this thing on"

  2. Yikes! That stinks about your hand. :-[
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. haha! that russian weirdo. creepy mccreepster.

  4. lefties rock! jello rocks! burns...well burn....;)