Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

I went to support a friend and the band he was playing with at a church bbq.
They had a very enthusiastic fan.
I didn't get to see any fireworks. I opted to take my brother to see Wall-E. Not too bad of a trade-0ff.

Saturday I ran some errands in the morning and then to Cinebistro to catch Hancock with my crew (yes, crew). The night was young after the movie ended so we took in a Sirens & Sealions show. (check them out!).

In case you're wondering why there is no watermark on the pictures, well, it's because the one I was using got hated on by a certain typographer that promised to help me come up with a better one. In the meantime, I'll leave my pictures watermark-free.

Hope you all had a good Fourth!


  1. haha! i don't know what i love more... his dance moves, or his PANTS! i love you for capturing that moment (and other reasons, of course)

  2. you got him with leg raised... impressive. Thanks!