Sunday, June 29, 2008

No straight lines welcomed.

Last week I had some time off from school. Whoop.
If you consider catching up on movies to be productive, then I was the most productive I've been a while!
If you don't, then I did do something more constructive. I've been trying to do more "artsy" stuff during my free time, so I decided to make a little notebook.

It came out a'ight. I remembered that book-making is very time consuming. And also, I suck at cutting. I can't cut a straight line, even with those cool paper cutters, Regardless, I'm pretty proud of my uneven-edged book. All the pages are curved and weird, or as I like to call them "fun". I've been writing things i want to remember in it: Bible verses, funny things friends say, to-do lists, etc...

I think I'm going to continue the book-making, maybe "fun" paged books will be the new fad!

or not.


  1. but I like your little books

  2. i love it! super cute :D
    oh, and you were definitely productive! in my spare time, i read blogs about people and how they're productive ;-)