Monday, May 5, 2008

La Boheme

Friday night I had the pleasure of experiencing La Boheme with the hottest date I've ever had.


It was fantastic. We laughed, we swooned, we cried. We wondered why men in real life can't be as romantic as Rodolfo. Romance is really not that difficult.

While listening to the high octave singing, I realized that skeptics and cynics (me!) are just hopeless romantics deep inside. We laugh at the mushy stuff, but in reality we crave random cute texts or emails, flowers left in our doorstep, or a surprise visit at work just "to say hi". No need for a 2 hour opera or some romantic monologue about the color of my eyes. I think the simple easy things count for so much more. I honestly feel that if couples made an effort to do these little things for each other, their relationships would benefit greatly. Maybe that "flame" that burns bright in the beginning won't die out like most couples complain about.

So gentlemen, be men! do something nice for your lady. It doesn't take much effort, but you will gain major "brownie" points... And trust me, that's a good thing.

Ohh, and did you know that Operas have subtitles?

I don't know if this is common knowledge (it should) but I LOVE subtitles. I watch every movie with them on. I know some people find this extremely annoying ( you know who you are) but I can't help it. Opera rocks.


  1. Oh Merari you and your I love thee :) I could not agree with you more about the simple sweet things that matter. You and I are hopeless romantics. I'm glad that you at least understand me.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. Romance, ::sigh::.
    How I love Romance!

    ps... you should have invited the idiot from advising who wanted subtitles on your movie

  3. Yay! The opera sounds like it was a lot of fun. Perhaps some day I'll give it a shot.

    And I TOTALLY agree with what Brigitte said! lol.

  4. P.S. Lauren looks SEXY in that photo. ;-)

  5. Ahh, I am a total hopeless romantic too, but i hate to admit it, I hate on Chik flicks just for that reason. "I want my romantic life to be like that!" At least the guy I'm dating now is doing pretty well, I give him brownie points at times.

  6. opera does rock...subtitles are a must...80% of people wouldnt know what the opera is about without them...romantic stuff is what it is all about...although i must admit i have become rusty at defining the difference between cheesy and romantic...i blame it on being single for 5 years! :P