Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dare Me

A friend dared me to make a list of people and write something about them I wouldn't normally say, whether out of awkwardness or my fear of emotional communication. Being the daredevil that I am, I took her up on it.

Ariana: One of my earliest memories is me listening to your heartbeat in mom's womb. You are my baby, the one person I will protect 'till death do us part. I'm sorry you got stuck with living in my messy room. Thanks for always picking up after me. Do not let other people's opinion keep you from achieving your dreams. I know you get discouraged but I have always looked up to your strength and talent. Usually little sisters look up to their older sisters, but you are someone I always admire and look up to (not just because you're taller than me now).

Ale: Brooder. I love you. I would give my life for you. I'm sorry I am so mean to you and I burn you with my acid words. Please don't feel that I never have your back. I will always defend you. You are one of the smartest 19 year-olds I know. I hope you see what a great person you are.

Sandra: You are my heterosexual life mate. No one understands like you do. I am so glad Rosie brought us together back in the day and that we ran into each other in ENC 1101 :) You are an amazing person with so much potential to do great things. You have a huge heart. I know you sometimes feel like giving up, but I have faith in the great things you will accomplish. Thank you for listening, for crying with and laughing with me. Oh, and thanks for convincing me to quit the hospital to work with you :-)

Rosie: I miss you soooo much. Thank you for always showing me how to lay back and chill. You are loyal and trustworthy... you're everything I look for in a good friend. I know life has been tough for you but i'm so proud that you've been tough back. I admire your strength and perseverance. Thanks for loving me and sticking by me despite my ways. Even though people don't understand our friendship sometimes, I'm glad we've stuck together.

Lauren: Negator! you are me in the future. I liked you since the first moment I met you (probably because we're so alike!) Thank you for taking me under your wings. Thank you for listening to me and keeping me grounded. You are an amazing woman and I know I can trust you with my life. I love that I can sing at the top of my lungs to a silly song with you!

: I miss you! Stop studying so much and hang out with me! I thank God we hit it off and became so close so fast back in the day. Thank you for always listening to my "drama". I can't wait till you graduate so I can see you again!

Anne Marie: I have learned so much from you. You are a great example of a good faithful Christian woman (sorry if that gives you pressure!). I can't thank you enough for believing in me when I don't. Don't give up on trying to get what you want! Whether its that Master's degree of the MRS. (hehe) I'm so proud of you for getting into Seminary, though it's bittersweet since you'll be leaving me. I'm writing you letters!

Aileen: Thank you for being a bad influence, lol. I know I get mad at you sometimes, but don't ever think I don't love you! Thank you for trusting me and for pushing me to look pretty when I look like a slob.

: My little miniature Buddha covered in hair. You see right to the core of me. I'm so happy I met another someone who understands/appreciates me, in all my weirdness and evilness. I know I hurt your feelings at times, I'm sorry! I never do it intentionally. I love that we share similar dreams and I hope you start taking some action to make some of those dreams a reality. Don't be afraid to go for what you want. I know you'll get it cuz you're pimp like that ;-)

Kristel & Alex: I love you guys. I'm not gonna lie, I was so intimidated by both of you when I met you. I thought Kristel was one of the coolest girls i've ever met and I thought Alex didn't like me! Thank you both for always having my back and being a great example of how God blesses a couple that follows Him. I'm gonna miss you!

Rey: BFF! Funny that we only started talking much when you moved away. I'm glad I met someone who loves Will Ferrell as much as I do! I will never forget that the first time I spoke to you was because you told my sister that " you are sweet, unlike your sister". LOL. Hater. I love our witty banter and the way we gang up on Lauren. I am very excited to see the great things you're gonna do in the future!

Lia: Lover! Stop perverting my mind. haha.... Jusssst kidding.... you know I love it. Thanks for the many talks... I've learned much! I'm glad that despite some stupid arguments we've managed to stay good friends. You are amazing. Can't wait till your wedding (or should I say... bachelorette party!)

P. Dave and Adri: Thank you for inviting me into your home 2 years ago. You changed my life. Thank you for your advice, your hating and Dave, for smacking me in the arm (not!). I'm really excited to see the great things you are both doing for His kingdom.

Ashley: You're like my adopted little sister. I love that I've gotten to see you grow up. I hope you see what a great girl you are and you don't sell yourself short. I also hope you see that all we want is the best for you and for you to learn from our mistakes. You can come to me whenever you need! I love ya!

Janell: I'm sorry. I miss and love you.

Dave: Maybe he's born with it. I know I can count on you to bring up all the stupid crap i've said or done. Thanks( haha). I love that you're so goal-oriented. You know what you want in life and you go for it. I really admire that. I remember the first time I met you at a spring retreat. You were scaring people with a plastic snake. I thought "man, this guy is funny... mean, but funny" lol.

Alexandra: You're awesome. Thank you for opening your home for us. I know you have the best intentions and I know you are sincere in your caring for others. Can't wait to get to know you more!

Paula: I think our friendship baffles people. People ask me how I can be friends with you. I say because I can't hold it against you that we just so happen to have the same taste! (too soon? lol. ) I love chatting feminist theories with you, lol. I can't wait to run into you one day in an embassy! yay!

Ok. This is sounding like a yearbook signing... I'm gonna stop. I think I just met my quota for expression of feelings for at least a good three months. Love you all!


  1. yay!!!
    this made me happyyy :)

  2. <3
    lol this made me happy too!!!
    ur too funny
    I Luv U
    and well, i DID know YOU before our crappy tastes clashed :x
    i kid i kid. thats wrong
    i still love you tho!
    and we STILL have to go on our date
    you call hot wings
    i call loaded fries


  3. You care!!!

    And you don't have to be intimidated...I am NOT that cool. ;-)

    Love you, friend!

  4. i cried...i cried darnit! you suck merari!!!! :)

  5. This is a very late response, but I wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated your kind words.

    And I'm glad you like my humor.