Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Bother?

I ask myself this very question as I think about my field of study. Why bother?

What good is studying International Relations... a social science? It is so vague and theoretical. There is no solution to anything discussed. Poverty, racism, corruption. These malignant traits are dissected and examined, yet no one has or will find any realistic useful solutions.

As thousands of people sit in classrooms learning about these issues, thousands more are dying because they lack food, shelter, and medicine or are being butchered because they are "different". What good is it to learn about something inevitable? Why bother studying about issues that have no resolve?

Because if these issues are not discussed, they will be ignored.
Because even if no solution is found, people will be helped by trying.
Because sometimes when there is no answer, perhaps we are asking the wrong question.

Instead of asking "why is there poverty?", the question should be " How can I help the poor around me?"
Instead of "why do people hate each other?" how about "How can I love others?"

Sounds simple. Too unrealistic, yes.
But really, what is there to lose by trying?

It turns out the "why" questions should be asked and studied.

Perhaps, maybe, just maybe, the "how" questions are the answers?

Holocaust Memorial

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