Wednesday, April 30, 2008


On monday I had one of the biggest scares of my life. Okay, maybe not, but it was scary.
This is how that went:

(I'm working in the office. The phone rings. My co-worker hands me the phone)
Me: hello?
Aileen: hey, someone hit your car.
Me: what?
Aileen: I'm standing in front of your car, and the bumper is hanging off it.
Me: stop playing.
Aileen: I'm serious. the bumper is on the floor.
Me: (starts to panic)no way. crap. uhmm, ok... i'm on my way... wait for me.

(I frantically search for my car keys for 10 minutes. This task is difficult since my tears blind me.I can't find them. I run out of the building towards the parking lot)


Me: (upon seeing Franck) Franck!!!! (with my arms stretched out)
(I stand there crying with Aileen and Sandra and call the cops. The cop arrives and pulls over)

Cop: well, that sucks.
Me: (thinking: "ya think?")yeah... a little bit.
Cop: hit and run?
Me: yes.
Cop: look, I suggest you don't call the insurance. Just go to a junk yard and buy a new bumper. its way cheaper and your insurance rates won't go up. Go with your father. Cubans always know someone.
Me: (thinking: who the hell is Cuban? Is that a racist comment?) Okay. Thanks. I'm gonna call my dad and see what he says.
Cop: ok, sweetie. Don't stress. Call me if you need me.
Me: (thinking: "Call the po po!") thank you sir.

(I call my dad)

Me: papi
Dad: What happened?
Me: (crying) Someone hit Franck!
Dad: where?
Me: (crying)In school. His bumper fell!
Dad: thats it?
Me: (still crying) what do you mean, that's it? I can't even find my keys! How am I gonna drive?
Dad: i'll search for the copy key and just kick off the bumper. Its fine. We'll figure something out.
Me: (crying harder) but I don't even have enough money to pay for school! how am I gonna fix this?
Dad: (laughing) stop being such a girl and quit crying. I'll talk to your mom and we'll figure something out.
Me: okay.
Dad: just kick off the bumper. your car will be fine.
(my dad is sensitive to my emotions)

( Aileen and I kick off the bumper and put it in the backseat. I wish i had a video of that)

Franck is ok. He still drives. I found my keys in the corner of the office. Don't ask me how they got there. I'm waiting for my dad to have his day off work so we can go bumper-shopping. If anyone knows of a good junkyard or of someone that can hook it up with paint, holler!


  1. Ugh! I hate FIU. People are jerks. I had a hit and run experience as well. Thankfully my bumper didn't fall off or anything...but there was quite the dent on one of my rear doors. Bleh.

    I hope everything with your car gets resolved soon! And I hope that whoever hit your car receives the same fate. Hmph!

  2. hahaha!!! i died laughing (with you, not at you). call the po po, ho! best line ever...

    whoever hit your car is a jerk, and i hope he/she can't poop for a month. yeah, i said it. it's out there.

  3. im with anne marie! lol

    awww im sorry to hear about franck.. but im sure that everything will work itself out. :)

  4. poor franck! i feel terrible for you. i hate car mishaps. well, i hop everything works out. :)