Wednesday, April 23, 2008

...And with a sigh and a smile, the end arrived.

Today I took my last final of the semester. YAY!

I think I did pretty well. As and Bs... and there may be a lingering C, but i'm hoping all the extra credit I did will bring it up.

It has been a very stressful and challenging semester. As with anything in my life, I felt like quitting 4578942357 times. I stuck with it, however and i'm so glad I did. I still don't know what i'm going to do with it, but I realized that for now, the most important thing I have to learn is to stick with something and do it right.

As far as the next week and a half is concerned, i'm gonna party it up. Vacation time is a great time.

A student walked into work today (FIU undergraduate advising). Here is how that went:

Student: I want to see an advisor.
Me: ok, have a seat.
(movie playing in the background)
Student: Do you have the remote?
Me: uhmm, yes.
Student: Can you change the language?
Me: no
Student: But why? i'm the only one here. I pay enough money to this school to watch a movie in whatever language I want.
Me: We're watching it in English. Why do you want to change the language?
Student: Because I want to learn a new language.
Me: I suggest you take a class on one then.
(student silent. My boss holding in laughter. 15 seconds pass by)
Student: Why do you have the subtitles if you're not even watching it?
Me: You know what? When you watch your own movie on your own TV, feel free to watch it in any language you want. Subtitles or not.
(silence again. 10 seconds pass by)
Student: That's not even your T.V.
Me: Actually, it is. I won it in an office raffle (lies)
Student: (whispers) yeah, ok.
Me: Are you calling me a liar?

(Boss erupts in hysterical laughter and thus the conversation ended)

For serious. It made my day.

Anyway, I took this picture last week and I really loved it. Who doesn't like Roses and Macs?


  1. lol love it!!!! i havent read anyones blog in soooo long!!! =)

  2. this funny! that's the way to tell 'em you know!

  3. lol!!! that even made MY day!

    Oh Merari, how I love your witty banter.

  4. ohhhh myyyy gosh. this totally made my night awesome. i love this. congrats on finishing! =)

  5. haha. i wish i'd been there. i would've been cracking up along with your boss. you pathological liar who has to have subtitles at all times...


    omg i am at work right now trying to hold in laughter. you, my friend, are the shizz. ;)

  7. i can so believe merari said that. that's my bff.

  8. i sure don't want to be that student :o)... funny.